Experience the best attraction in Hardanger with panorama view.

A memory you can´t miss.

Exclusive offer for tourist visiting Varaldsøy.

NOK: 2600,- per hour. (43 kr/minute)

Hire the helicopter to your destination, or just an hour look around in the fjord.


One passenger.

Passenger max weight: 110kg (220lb)

Starting from base on Varaldsøy

Example (both ways):

Flight from Varaldsøy to Folgefonna:

Flighttime both way approx 35 minutes.

Price: 1516,- NOK

Flight to Trolltunga:

(via folgefonna)

Time: ca 55 minutes

Price: 2380,-

Flight to Bergen Airport

Time: ca 50 minutes

Price: 2167,-

Flight to Preikestolen:

Flighttime: ca 2 hour

Price: 5200,-

Flight to Eidfjord and Vøringsfoss:

Flighttime: 1,5 hour

Price 3900,-

Hire the helicopter to any destination of your wish, or just an hour look around in the fjord.

Call +47 416 49 119 for booking or talk to your host.

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